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We have 4 new upcoming events posted on our Events page! Click on the above link for more details!

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Backyard Beer Club is a traveling social club that meets monthly in a local member’s backyard. We have grown to over 300 members in less than a year and continue to grow steadily. Although most members are from the New Jersey area, we have members from all over the country. The mission of Backyard Beer Club is to promote our love of craft beer and to provide a place each month where members can hang out, sample different craft beers, and meet other people in the community. Everyone attending a Backyard Beer Club event must bring a six pack of beer that will go directly into the coolers for all to try. This allows and encourages everyone to try other beers they might otherwise never have tried, and if there’s any left at the end of the night they can take a few home. If members want to bring a couple 750ml beers instead of a 6 pack, that's fine too. Beer club doesn't discriminate. We enjoy beer in all shapes and sizes.


Backyard Beer Club is membership based organization that promotes not only craft beer, but local breweries, local businesses, and beer-related activities through paid advertisements and sponsorships. Although originating in New Jersey, Backyard Beer Club is currently interested in expanding into more neighborhoods all over the United States.  


Aside from our love of craft beer, Backyard Beer Club also has a focus towards charitable work.  We support local charitable organizations by organizing events and raising money in support of those charities.  


In the short time that we've been in existence, we've managed to secure monthly sponsorships from popular microbreweries from Georgia (SweetWater Brewing Company) and New Jersey (Brix City Brewing, Magnify Brewing, Dark City Brewing, Wet Ticket Brewing, Alementary Brewing, and Kane Brewing). We've also been fortunate enough to be hosted by the Cloverleaf Tavern in Caldwell, which is New Jersey's #1 Craft Beer Bar. We're always interested in sponsorships from local and national breweries as well as local businesses to help spread the word about Backyard Beer Club! Please contact us at if interested in sponsoring or hosting an event. 

If you're interested in starting a chapter in your local area please contact us to discuss this unique opportunity.


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